A shift in consciousness, a new lens on life.

Program: Weekly 60 minute container
Follow up: 60 minute- $75

Looking at your current state of mind, and physical condition is key to start the process in transformation. Ayurveda challenges the modern idea of what true health and wellness is. This accent system acknowledges that the physical human condition is no different than the 5 great elements of Ether, Air, Fire, Water, and Earth. Ayurveda is not a one size fits all, each and every human is uniquely and beautifully made. This offering is for anyone looking to transform their health in a gentle and holistic fashion, those looking for accountability in building long lasting habits, and those seeking assistance in living in harmony with the seasons.  Programs are specifically written for the client to assist in their personal transformation.  Each week concepts are introduced, as well as goals for the upcoming week. Transformation programming includes variations of: Ayurvedic nutrition for imbalances and seasons,structuring or restructuring daily routine, mindfulness practices, understanding what the doshas are and what that means.  Understanding how to live in harmony with the seasons, yoga philosophy, pranayama (breathwork), meditation, self-marma points, and pranic (solar energy) healing.

Intake form must be completed minimum of 48 hours prior to first consultation. 

All consultations are available in person or via phone/ video chat.

*Payment plans available



Release and Rejuvenate

120 minute session-$150

Marma Therapy is a dynamic and holistic treatment with the focus of opening prana (energy) in the body through manipulation of marma points, passive range of motion, and nourishing the tissues. Marma therapy is not a massage, but rather a unique blend of techniques to bring awareness, vitality, and rejuvenation to the body and consciousness. Benefits include: Cellular communication, potential pain relief, lymphatic movement, natural detoxification, relaxation, nourishment of the tissues, and increasing pranic (energetic) flow.

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Ayurvedic-Energy Foot Points

 60 minutes-$75 

The marma foot points align with organs of the body and energetic pathways.  This 20-25 point sequence is preformed twice on each foot with the use of hands and Ayurvedic tools.  This offering is for anyone who is looking for healing in a relaxing environment.

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