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"I visited Katherin for a Marma Therapy session and was welcomed into a peaceful  and gentle office setting-immediately helping to set my anxiety to ease!  I really struggle with touch, she picked up on this and was mindful to check in on me throughout the session. Katherin is such a gentle and wonderful soul, I am humbled at this experience with her. Energy work is exhausting  at times and during this time in our universe when we could all use an extra dose of love and care, I'm just so thankful to have received this healing experience with her. I would highly recommend her to anyone on their healing journey-she is thoughtful, professional, trauma informed, LGBTQ+ safe and inclusive, and just overall welcoming to all."

-April V, Reiki Practitioner


"Having been all over the US experiencing a huge range of therepies for pain release and improving health, i was shocked at how much just one treatment from Katherin improved my body; and I'll always get more! She is absolutely amazing at coaxing the body back into balance!!"

-Marcia Clover Reichert


"I feel deep gratitude for the extraordinary shifts in healing and self realization that occur during and after each Marma Therapy session I have recieved. Katherin has a unique ability to tap into a power greater than herself to let love flow in as and through her in this energy work that can be felt immediately.  Marma Therapy has been a blessing to me. I hope all will experience and receive the vibrant healing that takes place in the presence of Katherin's work."

-Taylor D, 500 YTT Instuctor 


"If you haven't tried Marma with Katherin Amelia, you should! The sessions take place in the most relaxing space and Katherin welcomes you so gracefully! Everything is perfect, from the heated table, to the scent in the room, to the soothing music. Katherin gently works her way through your body, helping you relax and heal. It's an amazing experience! Katherin's Reflexology treatments are similar! I am quite discerning with the practitioners I see-and Iove Katherin Amelia!"

-Melissa S, Vintage Apothecary


"I am a super busy mom and nurse! So when I get time for self care, I need to ensure that it is quality service! The relaxation and energy flow that comes from a session with Katherin is far superior to anything I have experienced before! After a session I am more relaxed and able to handle my week! If you are looking to deepen your connection with body and mind Arkaya Shakti is the place to go."

-Samantha P, Registerd Nurse

Testimonials: Testimonials
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